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Do you love the view outside your room in Hertfordshire? Do you want to enjoy the raindrops from within your house or get some sunlight into the office but cannot keep your drapes open?


Just as a new window drape can change the look of your room - the curtain rings, rods, brackets and other such accessories add to the style and decor of your home and office. At Shendish Interiors, we advise you on the various supports and holders required to keep your drapes in place.

Variety of accessories in Hertfordshire

• Cotton Velcro beads

• Pelmets and linings

• Tieback hooks

• Upholstery and cushion covers

• Cord tassels

• Curtain rings


Located in Hertfordshire, we provide quality service and fittings while customising your curtains and blinds.

Bring the sunlight into your rooms

For classic tassels or fancy tieback hooks call Shendish Interiors on

Tie your curtains with beads and cord tassels